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March 2023 - Kerstin visits MacKay Biocommodity pilot plant

Kerstin visits MacKay Biocommodity pilot plant

Kerstin our chief technology officer travelled to the Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant up in Queensland to see the biomass processing facility firsthand. Plant Coordinator and Senior Bioprocess Technologist Alexander Pocock toured Kerstin around the facility and equipment, including their impressive 10,000L bioreactor (pictured in the image). Just prior the visit, Hydgene had sent some larger scale straw samples to the site for treatment in their industrial steam explosion unit. The scope of this trial was to extract sugars from straw biomass at this larger scale and thereby validate the scalability of our processes. As a great outcome, the steam explosion trial replicated the results in sugar extraction efficiency as HydGene observed at laboratory scale. This outcome is a key milestone in the company’s endeavor to upscale their technology.

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