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Biomass waste

We are interested in various biomass waste resources, ranging from agricultural to forestry residues to food waste, paper waste, brewery and even sewage waste! We are looking to maximise adoption of our technology and have a global impact on reducing waste!   


For example, did you know that nearly 20% of our landfill is paper waste. Why not turn these into a valuable product such as hydrogen and create a circular economy? 


We are also considering drought tolerant energy grasses like Miscanthus and native crops like Mallee which grow on non-arable land and don't compete with food production. We can turn these into hydrogen too!


Our biocatalyst has proven to 'accept' very crude sugar extracts from biomass. We save huge costs by not having to purify the sugars! 


We unlock the potential of biomass waste. Contact us today if you have biomass available and looking for a clean energy/hydrogen solution.

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Get in touch with us today to find solutions, learn more, or join us in fulfilling our mission!

If you are looking for a solution, want to know more, have ideas or want to help us realise our mission, contact us today! 

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