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Who can benefit from our technology?

Contact us if you have biomass available and/or are looking for a clean energy/hydrogen solution. 

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Biomass waste producer:

Our solution is particularly suited to markets where feedstock supply and waste is abundant – such as the agricultural, forestry, paper and pulp, wastewater treatment and food industries. Biomass supply can also be sourced externally but ideally is shipped not further than 150km. 

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Hydrogen for mobility:

Hydrogen can either be injected together with diesel into conventional diesel engines to reduce consumption, costs and carbon footprint or it can be used to power fuel cell electric vehicles in trucks, tractors or forklifts. Our scale of hydrogen production suits the size of hydrogen fuelling stations, planned to be deployed in the regions. 

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Hydrogen for energy:

Our hydrogen production can be coupled directly to H2-fuel cell technologies to generate electricity on-site and on-demand. The technology works like a diesel generator or battery and can complement intermittent renewables, back-up of the grid or used as off-grid or micro-grid solution. 

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Hydrogen for chemical manufacturing:

Did you know that hydrogen is a key ingredient for chemical manufacturing including ammonia production, bio/e-methanol and sustainable aviation fuels? Our solution is particularly attractive for generating premium green products amongst conventional production lines, or where products are aimed to be 100% renewable, and/or bio with a negative carbon footprint. 

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Get in touch with us today to find solutions, learn more, or join us in fulfilling our mission!

If you are looking for a solution, want to know more, have ideas or want to help us realise our mission, contact us today! 

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