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About Us

HydGene Renewables’ brand is a catalyst for a renewable future.

With a focus on sustainable planet-saving practices, HydGene pioneers revolutionary solutions that not only redefine the present but pave the way for a greener tomorrow. Grounded in the ethos of ecological consciousness, HydGene Renewables is on a mission to elevate collective awareness about environmental challenges and inspire a global shift towards sustainable living.


With a focus on innovation, HydGene Renewables seeks to make a lasting impact on individuals and the planet alike. By integrating visionary technologies and sustainable practices, the brand aims to empower the world with possibilities that extend beyond the present generation. HydGene Renewables invites you to join the journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future – one where innovation meets environmental responsibility, and every action contributes to the renewal of our planet.

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A zero-carbon and circular global economy, where waste is converted into renewable energy to fuel sustainable industries.


​​Develop proprietary synthetic biology technologies to upcycle waste biomass and produce chemicals and fuels such as green hydrogen.


Innovation, Integrity, Sustainability, Transparency, Intelligence, Rigour

Unlocking the power of biology to contribute
to a greener and more
sustainable future.

What We Do

Clean air, improved soil and green fuel - all at once

We turn biomass residues into hydrogen - a green fuel - and into fertiliser while sequestering carbon. We stop burning practices of stubble, improve soil health, clean the air and disrupt our dependency on fossil fuels.  

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100% renewable and green hydrogen

Our hydrogen is made from biomass waste. It's 100% renewable, carbon-negative and green.

On-site and on-demand production

Some of the biggest costs of hydrogen include transportation and storage. Our technology produces hydrogen where and when you need it at low cost directly at the end-user. Even in remote areas. 

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We simplify the hydrogen supply chain

We offer a decentralised solution to energy & fuel supply and waste management. This reduces cost and increases energy security. The infrastructure to support our hydrogen technology already exists at scale so we can fast-track the adoption of our low-cost green hydrogen! 

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We are biomass agnostic!

Meaning we can use various biomass waste streams as feedstock. Our focus is only on resources that already exist and only consider feedstock which is otherwise discarded or burned.

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Synthetic Biology

We use Synthetic Biology to engineer microorganisms to produce hydrogen and other valuable products at high efficiencies! Who would have guessed that tiny bugs can solve some of the biggest challenges of our time! 

Find out more about who we are 

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Get in touch with us today to find solutions, learn more, or join us in fulfilling our mission!

If you are looking for a solution, want to know more, have ideas or want to help us realise our mission, contact us today! 

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