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8th September 2022 - Parliament house, Canberra, ACT

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Louise heads to Canberra to join the Science and Technology panel discussion at the 'State of the Nation' conference

Our CEO, Louise Brown, was invited to participate at the CEDA - Committee for Economic Development of Australia 2022 State of the Nation conference in Canberra, discussing the challenges for commercialisation of technology from the tertiary sector and what support is needed to make it happen. Her key messages were the following:

While scientists and academics are great at developing IP, we do need to get better in capturing the IP. More support with a longer-term vision is needed to mature technology into a commercial product that will generate commercial returns for the investment. In addition, we need to prioritise science & technology to grow new market opportunities; and to not risk becoming the customers for technology invented by the Australian research community that is commercialised overseas.

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