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20th September 2021

HydGene Renewables receives BRII government feasibility and proof-of-concept grant for turning farm biomass waste into clean hydrogen

HydGene Renewables is very pleased to announce that we have been awarded funds of $999,828 for a proof-of concept study from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII). We are excited to continue our relationship working with the Grain Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and CSIRO to develop a proof-of-concept process for the conversion of farm biomass waste, such as grain crop stubble, into clean hydrogen following our successful BRII feasibility study earlier this year.

The proof-of-concept grant funding will be used to further develop and optimise the processing of farm biomass waste, such as straw, into simple carbohydrates for use with our biocatalyst biohydrogen generator to produce hydrogen on-site and on-demand. The proof-of-concept funding will also be used to assess the commercialisation potential and opportunities for using clean hydrogen directly on the farm such as to generate electricity, for heating, and for powering farming equipment. By applying synthetic biology techniques, we will also explore the conversion of farm biomass waste into ammonia which is a key ingredient in nitrogen-based fertiliser production.

Support on this BRII project is provided by Bioplatforms Australia, BOC, and AB Biotek. For more about the BRII program and the announcement, please visit or contact HydGene Renewables at

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