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2023 - Some key recent media features

Updated: Apr 17

'Diversifying agriculture for generation of energy from waste products'

In a recent article by ABC Rural the spotlight is turned to Australian farms, where Renewables and solar are becoming increasingly important for providing reliable and renewable power. A 2020 survey showed that ‘71 per cent of farms installed at least one type of renewable energy between 2015 and 2020.’ The article also acknowledges that solar power is not the only renewable energy source on farms. Instead, farmers are now turning to their own ‘waste products from crops, grasses and plantation timber’ to generate energy and diversify their businesses. HydGene’s technology – producing hydrogen from straw - sits right at the centre of this new trend. Straw is a plentiful and often underutilised resource on farms. As quoted by our CEO, Louise, ""We were contacted last week by a farmer in Victoria who has 200,000 tonnes of straw a year that is burnt," You can read the full article here.

'Investment in green technology continues to grow' 

According to a recent article by Giant Leap, an impact investment fund manager in Australia, climate technology and impact startups continue to remain strong in the global venture capital market as "more consumers and businesses want products and services that are sustainable”’

HydGene was highlighted as one of the Australian impact startups mentioned in the article due to our new technology for producing renewable and carbon-negative hydrogen from biomass residues. The article also offers a positive outlook, stating that ‘The proportion of impact startups compared to broader venture capital activity remains high at almost a quarter (22 per cent) and, compelled by climate change or social goals, Giant Leap expects continued growth and development in Australia.‘

You can read the full article here.

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