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May 2023 - SA No-Till Farmers Association Explores Green Hydrogen Implications for Grain Growers

Video on HydGene's Technology and how it can help to decarbonise the agricultural sector released by SANTFA with Support from South Australian Grains Industry Trust

The South Australian No-Till Farmers Association (SANTFA), in partnership with the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT), recently visited our HydGene labs in North Paramatta. Their objective was to explore the implications and benefits of our biocatalyst technology for grain growers. SANTFA has now released a short video that offers a simplified overview of our innovative HydGene technology, providing a valuable insight into our current projects focused on green hydrogen and ammonia fertliser production for the agricultural sector.

In the video, Greg Butler, the host and SANTFA R&D manager, explains the project's purpose: "The purpose of this project is to identify technologies that produce either green hydrogen or renewable nitrogen fertilizers that can be adopted by commercial-scale grain growers, particularly those looking to bypass their current supply chain for energy and nitrogen."

Simon Patterson, a large-scale farmer, former President of SANTFA, and GAICD member, recognises the potential of the technology, stating, "The liquid fertilizer they can produce has a decent quantity of N, about 20%, similar to an SOA type [Sulphate of Ammonia], which would be perfect for soil types. We can make it from growing biomass and convert that into a nitrogen fertilizer. It's pretty exciting technology."

The HydGene team would like to thank Greg Butler and Simon Patterson for taking the time to visit our labs and explore the potential farm-related applications of our technology. We would also like to extend our appreciation for the support received from SANTFA and SAGIT.

To watch the video and learn more about the South Australian No-Till Farmers Association and the South Australian Grains Industry Trust, visit their official channels or click [here] to access the video directly.

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