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12 July 2023 - Featured on Springwise: 'Creating Green Hydrogen from Bio-Waste'

HydGene is showcased on Springwise, a platform dedicated to spotlighting innovative solutions for positive change globally. With over 20 years of experience and powered by a leading global innovation database, Springwise is a go-to destination for staying ahead in leadership insights. Offering exclusive reports like "Future Now" and tailored thought leadership content, Springwise drives engagement while supporting initiatives for a better world.

The article published under the Innovation, Agriculture and Energy section - emphasises the need for robust solutions to decarbonize heavy industry, with hydrogen emerging as a promising energy source alongside electrochemical systems and batteries. While global production capacity remains limited, accelerated processes like HydGene's, which also cut carbon emissions by reducing transport miles, have the potential to drive market progress crucial for averting climate crisis.

Read the full article HERE.

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