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19 March 2024 - Kerstin attended Australian Renewable Fuels Week in Canberra

Updated: Apr 16

Our CTO Kerstin traveled to Canberra for intense networking and learning about industry trends at Australian Renewable Fuels Week. The conversation (and event sponsors) was dominated by the oil and gas industry and the transport sector, with a strong focus on sustainable aviation fuels, renewable methanol for the maritime sector and renewable diesel for heavy duty machinery. It was an uplifting conference highlighting the actions the industry is already taking to transition away from fossil to renewable fuels. Many technical challenges still need to be solved, especially concerning the high premium price renewable fuels currently carry and will continue to do so for a while.

Green hydrogen is key in facilitating the transition of the renewable fuel sector, as are biofuels. With Hydgene positioned at the intersection of biofuels and hydrogen, turning biomass waste into hydrogen on-site and on-demand, there are numerous opportunities for our technology to support the transition towards renewable fuels. It was a great event organized by Bioenergy Australia. Read more about the conference HERE.

Also showcased at the conference was the H2Cut trailer, a Beyond Fossil Diesel NSW project featuring mobile haircut services powered by grey hydrogen (as green H2 is not readily available for sale yet). The project aims to raise awareness in the agricultural industry for low-emission technologies, including hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles and machines.

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