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9th December 2022 - HydGene wins the Climate Tech Newcomer Award

HydGene Renewables wins the 2022 Climate Tech Newcomer Award

Judged by Simon Thompson and presented by W23 our ambitions in the field of climate tech were recognised at the Climate Salad 2022 end of the year festival. The trophy, environmental friendly and made from mushroom mycelium, felt proud in our hands. Thank you, Climate salad for your support and the great momentum you are creating in the climate tech space.

Founded and lead by Mick Liubinskas, Climate salad is a network of climate tech entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and mentors. This ever growing community provides tools, events and news from around the world to help climate tech companies grow with talent, product, customers and investor relations. Climate salad is the first of its kind in Australia and has grown significantly in the last two years demonstrating the strong drive and demand for support and active networks in the climate tech space. We are so proud to have been part of the community from the beginning.

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