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24th June 2022 - HydGene's 3 min pitch wins first and people's choice award at the UNSW 10x program

HydGene wins the first place and people's choice award for a 3 min pitch at the UNSW 10x pre-accelerator showcase event. HydGene participated in the first 10x Synbio pre-accelerator stream of the UNSW founders program, led by 10x Synbio program manager Jason Whitfield and 10x program manager Lucas Hakewill. Together with 10 other Synbio startups we explored the unique landscape of synbio related entrepreneurship and gained valuable insights into building a strong business case in the deep-tech space of venture capital. Thank you 10x team for the program and the first-place award and all attendees for selecting us for the people's choice award!!

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